Digital Marketing For Local Businesses

Digital Marketing For BusinessesThe lifeblood of any business is customers. Without customers or clients, you don’t have a business. So in today’s modern era, how do you acquire customers or clients on a regular basis?

Well, the short answer is marketing…

Since the beginning of commerce, marketing has been an essential part of every business. If people don’t know who you are, they can’t do business with you. And without people doing business with you, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

Marketing in its purest form includes branding, promotion, consumer education, and relationship building. And while marketing techniques have changed over the years, the fundamentals will always remain the same.

So if the world is constantly changing and people no longer pick up the phone book to look for a business, how do we market to them? I’m glad you asked.

Digital marketing is where most of your marketing efforts in 2019 and beyond need to take place. Gone are the days when people pick up a phone book to sort through and find someone to fix their AC or repair a leak in their roof.

Why pick up a telephone book or read fliers in your mail when you can find a company in 2 seconds by asking Alexa or Google Assistant to call a contractor for you?

How Digital Marketing Is Different?

That’s right, people don’t just search for a company by typing anymore. No matter what device they have, they can simply ask their device to search for them.

So do people still look at billboards or watch commercials? Of course they do, but not as frequently. In fact, that number gets smaller and smaller every year. With most consumers owning a cell phone or other mobile device, most searches online don’t even come from a computer anymore.

The beauty here is that it is a lot easier to reach your desired customers than it ever has been in the past. With most consumers now owning a mobile device, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to put up an ad in the phone book or on a billboard hoping that your potential customer drives by.

Digital marketing costs pennies on the dollar and with the rise of social media, the cost is even lower to reach your customers right on their phone or tablet.

Social Media For Businesses

How One Business Grew Their Business Online

One prime example of how digital marketing can drastically improve your growth as a local contractor is a roofing Hawaii company named Ohana Construction. Ohana Construction uses a unique aerial view of their work captured by drone footage to show potential clients what they can expect when they partner with them for their new roof.

Showing your clients and potential clients what you can do for them prior to them buying, lowers the buying friction exponentially.

Many companies nowadays are also using drones, iPhones and DSLR cameras to show potential customers why their brand can help them more than anyone else. With websites like YouTube and other social media platforms, you can now capture client testimonials, videos of your projects, how to training, and more to get your business’s name out to more prospects than you ever could with traditional media.

How You Can Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital marketing, the best place to start is on social media. You can start on social media without a website and can build a loyal following fairly quickly in your community.

Start with social and then move to a website for further attracting and converting clients through search engine marketing and paid advertising.

If you are just starting out, I also highly recommend you do a simple search on YouTube for “social media for businesses” and then join some marketing groups on Facebook™ by searching “marketing” in the search bar at the top of your profile.

Digital marketing takes some time to get the hang of, but once you get rolling, the ROI outweighs traditional forms of advertising tenfold.